Kick your fucking ass. I want you off the fucking set you prick. "I'm sorry". No don't just be sorry, think for one fucking second. What the fuck are you doing? Are you professional or not? "Sir yes I am". Do I fuckin' walk around, and rip down, no shut the fuck up Bruce. Do I walk, no, noooo! Don't shut me up! "I'm not shutting you up." Am I gonna walk around and rip your fuckin' lights down, in the middle of a scene? Then why the fuck are you walkin' right through, ah-da-da-da-da like this in the background? What the fuck is it with you? What don;t you fuckin' understand? You got any fuckin' idea about, Hey its fucking distracting having somebody walking up behind Brice, in the middle of the fucking scene? Gimme a fuckin' answer! "I don't." What don't you get about it? "I was looking at the light." Ohhhhhhh gooood for you? And how was it? I hope it was fucking good because its useless now isn't it? Fuck sake man you're amateur. Look G, you got fuckin' something to say to this [click to continue...]
Bexi: “This is Bexi…” Franc: “Hello Bexi” Bexi: “Hi” Franc: “Hi this is Franc Ovrier, I’m with President Sarkozy on the line for Governor Palin.” Bexi: “Yes one second please, can you hold on one second please.” Franc: :”Yeah no problem” Bexi: “Alright thanks…Hi I am gonna hand the phone over to her.” Franc: “Ok thank you very much I’m gonna put the president on the line.” Bexi: “OK he’s coming to the line” Sarah: “This is Sarah” Franc: “Ah yeah, uh Governor Palin?” Sarah: “Hellooooooo.” Franc: “Ah, just just hold on for President Sarkozy one moment.” Sarah: “Its not him yet Bexi.” Bexi: “I always do that!” Masked Avengers: “Yes hello Governor Palin.” Sarah: “I’ll just have people hand it to me right when its them.” Masked Avengers: “Yes hello Mrs. Governor.” Sarah: “Hello this is Sarah how are you?” Masked Avengers: “Fine and you? This is a Nicholas Sarkozy speaking. How [click to continue...]
RON ARTEST Question. Two parts: 20 points, five rebounds, five steals, seems like you had your hand in every play for the Lakers tonight. Is that why you came here? RON ARTEST: Oh, man, first I want to say, you know, that God put me in a situation  — before I go real crazy, got put me in a situation, and I want to thank Him for the blessing, a Game 7, home-court advantage. We give away Game 2 or I gave away Game 2. Game 7, you go to bed, I want to thank God for this blessing to be here, and the one thing I said earlier was when I was younger, I bailed out on my Indiana team. I was so young, so egotistical, and I bailed out on Donnie, Larry, Jermaine, Tinsley, Foster, who never bails out. He just fights for you, for his team. Stephen Jackson who already had a ring, continued to fight for us, et cetera. I feel sometimes like a coward when I see those guys, because it's like man, I'm on the Lakers and I had a chance to win with you guys, and I feel almost like a coward. I never [click to continue...]
You are a motherfucker um, and I am gonna kill you, and not attend your funeral, because…you suck.
Are protected provisions divers say yes sir I need to either … I need an F. you once as soon as possible so to Los angeles california XXXXX take care carol with drive yes okay phone number you're calling from mister Off off at that … so I have them we have a … go into that needs help and he's not breathing here you have reading and we need to work with try to pump him but he's not you want okay okay out if these … XX years old so XX okay and I'll talk to you soon operating yes he's operating sir okay and it's not conscience either I don't me I talked to serve okay all right if you have XX on the floor where you have right now Don don't know that or he's on the give on the floor okay okay just getting up well I hope to see if you are right now okay we need them getting you just run away there or not well but the 1 I can help you over the phone or on your way this bye see you know yes that we have a personal doctor if you're with him sir … Had had talked to there but he's not [click to continue...]
Got message I think didn't give it to them and hi in time … my number area has been going on them to just go home I heard there were down there a lot everywhere … I don't I don't know if you know mind if to hi this is … this is okay wanted to know if you were going to what and I don't have an issue since I never done that I just what type of it's been like across Town I can I don't know if you guys gonna be realize because there's a lot of weight for me but anyway you can go down there at all I don't normally leave with the twins events coming up with an email I'm gonna stay on line with you okay yeah it but anyway … it with you but you know I don't know okay … I just sent kinda you an hi and I wanted to talk about you because know he was like Lynn is the amount and stuff going okay you know if you could bring hey move and he's not gonna be here when you get here everything … anything okay doing when you are good to go if need Him to put pressure on that we're on the on [click to continue...]
XXX the with address of the emergency call me again on my time so I get a right is that a business residence or the is and then that's it okay with the phone number that you're calling me from okay tell me exactly what happened and late husband have a word with … with the night and get my life and it's right me okay you guys have ready right now yeah right now we have people that I'm separating out but I have to file the reporter are there have people there to see stuff I think guys supposed of those if you can get to court or any other people and … there have people you're like you to let you know I just file this file okay we're at the with the night needs in the other room okay ticket is 7 and everything else that see with somebody packing to leave for that I don't file the report we have no I understand I'm setting off so I just need some information if you have any other lap and know okay with the firm is handling officers under the house which real he b. n. in the bathroom [click to continue...]
My name thanks hello I'm calling on 1 I'll get them out … I have I have an internet on my house can you look to your address hi I'm sorry I you just walk right into my house but he I don't think he's had kinda Hurt us and you just now somehow I know my husband to come outside he John Hughes I don't know if you must be something he's he's stuff we have it game infront of something my date is here my husband's outside with Him I'm very scared please send a copy here now I'm hearing the Guy shouting I'm hearing my husband saying to calm down I don't know how are you … if you walk right into our house you Matthew my name is maybe do many luncheon that I'm not with the fire department it's absolutely looney hey it's definitely wasted I came in I'm listening to my husband fine there's no lending attack right now but he's okay I'm look can see them he Said something about he probably lived here all right please leave me office rock Louis hi Keith Tommy … take care of that this does not [click to continue...]
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhharrrghhhhhhhhh. Please call me (xxx)-(xxx)-(xxxx) my name is John Gutierrez and I do have more than ten thousand in debt. Please give me a call I need some help with this thing. I can't hande the phone call anymore. Bye.
Good evening ughhh, what do you sat, uh, ah, see, I don't understand. Uh. What is the user giving the phone number to you? If you can call me back again, and cause I am gonna turn returning you a call I don't know why you a calla meeeee. It is uhhh up to you to you to give me a call back uh. As soon as possibe. Because you calla my number asshole, I am notta giving my number again, rguhhhhhh. You can chap with a color, uh why you calla me, asshole, it is up to you. It is up to you if you want to call me back ugghhhhhhhh. So gimme a call back ugghhhhhhhh…[random grumbling]…more than a ten thousand…ughhhhh[click to continue...]
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