(NOYB): Gram's Loves Viactiv, but Isn't Feeling their n...
I didn't know that I was going to reach all this kind of stuff. But all I wanted to do was comment, about your Viactiv. The new wrappings that you got on 'em us older people can not get into 'em. I've used your problem for years and I just wanted to make my comment about this. Thank you.
It … good morning good morning how are you … I want to ask you a bunch of questions loop demands it immediately okay with your daddy and wanted to do … with you daddy boys talk about who are you are you busy give John to go hey al I'm I'll talk to you if you get this is John to go love you have a copy heading it got off my head that way okay you know I don't know where it is and I don't know what it up and that's about it the other day and time is I don't stop laughing idiot driver is you Son of a bitch or you're Bill this is John Campbell Job Campbell you last night … can you … chad can you can I can't do this is John to go … John I'm looking to resolve this … all I'm I'll talk to you if you get this is John Campbell uh the lap top hey how are you … friend thanks I want to ask you a bunch of questions the loop them answered immediately then do this is John to go there you're I'm gonna pop you an idiot I'm do this is John Campbell while back Scott now right I'll talk [click to continue...]
You being like this … this is being transcribed by phone Tag Dot Com what is and I want fill you in … okay I need you be I'm really sorry hi and not calling right now from the mall and I had a question for you I am just returning your call as for our conversation at dallas … meeting up next week let me know what your schedule is and hopefully we can get them is taking okay I have a … phone Tag Dot this whole transcription you're happy with thinking what that means I'll talk to you soon bye.
(NOYB): Dude Loves Bologna and World Cup but Hates Ties...
Hey Man, so ummmmm, what me and Rob figured out, is that, for one thing if you pop bologna sans mayonnaise it is incredible. About the rap thing, just because like the world cup is happening right now let's just do a little thing about the world cup. And like, how Americans get all like their panties in a wad about ties. And just like get a whole thing like, yo I dont know why, other countries think its cool to tie…and by the way…ties are… you know, I don't know. I, is, I don't have much after that. But just like keep going with that ties theme. What's up with ties man? Like, I'm an American I don't dig ties. Like, we need some kind of a winner and a loser and…so tell me if you can dig that. And…bring some bologna man. Talk to you later.
My message will be transcribed by Fuck that shit. I'm gonna talk so it can't understand me. Oh I read in the new club comedy voicemails. Let's see if it transcribes this. Try talking in voicemails its criminal how moronic I am. I pick up voicemail nine dash I nine for you to newb. Let's see if it can transcribe that. If it can even understand me. Um I am going to meet J Willa for dinner at JG Melon, and uh yeah, tell um Mrs. Neigborhood I say hello. Alright, I'll tell MS that you wanna suck his penis. Peace!
Melissa this is Matt Watay… I'm calling you because I'm here with Bruce Angio, Dave Kinzo, we're in Chicago, and you should be here with us. Because we're fucked up, 'I'm hammered'. And, Bruce is hammered. He's, he's already crying like a nancy. You know he already, already wants to go to bed, its like nine oclock. So, you know, and, and, they're on, alright, they're on my ass, because they say that I need some manscaping down below. I have lots of hair below. But its, you know I'm in good shape. 'No its not'. According to Bruce its not. But… 'It needs to be cleaned up'. Bruce says it needs to be cleaned up. You know…That's, all I can say is that Bruce is being a nancy. Its nine oclock and he just, he wont hang. 'You don't need to be bald, but you need to have at least neat and clean'. Bruce says I don't need to be bald, I just need to be neat and clean. Alright well, gimme a call back, and we'll all, we'll discuss this.
Hello thank you for calling what what this coming week hey I was gonna ask you what you're doing this is hey give me hi me John yeah what's up I love you hi I love you John just wanted to say John that works here I need to know listen … when you're doing … wife and I'm talking on the check the fridge hi okay yeah been doing talk push ups if David anyway Cock pushups whether was where you I can Lay down flat on the ground and then you let your Mon List you up off the ground hi it's telling me that just wanted to say hi hi man hello you know I was thinking but get on top and slow down I'm gonna start … sorry hey honey I'm sink and second simple hello yeah hey louie this need maybe need with me give me with me … give me as I was saying hello thanks have hello it's me Mary Claire.
Hello hello yeah hello yeah yes casual well just call XXXX … last XXX dollars really yes we're gonna do if you what time do you … it's XXXX would work I might go and do this month wasted my name is richard ralph okay mike if you just call XXXX … I she shipped Yet yet … where are you was I supposed to be you got the wrong number … wanna bring manual Hey hey and if I don't answer that so when you and shoot me … you yeah actually she gotta try so I could crack you fucking at how are you … this club dot I shady out where the fuck are you hello was I I was away she's wes hello yes hi guess or something calling to at this look I gotta go before I get really made it in I fucking hunt you down hey larry at your family you fucking quick hey probably I'm from a favor I find out how you are I'm gonna go in and figure out a way to … you are you really my … sorry I tell you what fuck my job I click come back today fuck you yeah yeah right get I'll on the phone … yeah everybody [click to continue...]
… hello that yes dear Box spring down and and and offer mattresses that's okay because I need a new 1 what happen with my lover still asleep last night with cigarettes in the bed and burned up on my ass in like right to the spring yeah and at homes that up if you could … Matt Box this year and then we went right through the fucking bed she's burned up the whole damn fucking almost the house hey my legs world all burned in my ass and my my back and Neck in old calling you know we will have soon can I can invited you can cover I me I'm gonna stop talking we test them out to you know the role around like couple of us in the back room at something testing them out get back for you right now … okay if I come in with your name my name is Jay Jay is there anyway I like just to test the weight … that we could rolled around or something jump up and down just to see if this thing … hold up because we really rock house hey … hey we got back down on the drive by all right Jay you know [click to continue...]
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