Hi someone from dearborn michigan is … raged over XXXX call he wants to know why no charges has been filed against the police officer with miss com any marijuana from suspects and then baking it in brownie was at live for fall and hi they thought they'd over to … spend called XXX so I think it was open my water also all right there 1 … so I don't know if they have put something the complete some work to do I have no … good I think we're done yes I have … I don't know we moved around and I think with the time is going by really really really really slow.
Omar Thornton sounds chillingly calm while chatting with a Connecticut State Trooper after killing 8 people at his former employers yesterday morning. Thornton explains his position briefly in that he had enough of the racist behavior of several employees and took matters into his own hands. Though a wholehearted effort is put in by the State Trooper, he is unable to talk Thornton down, and the death toll of the incident rises to nine as Thornton decides to take his own life before police storm the building.
A hilarious recording of two old men arguing with one another for hours, recorded by one of their neighbors who had had just about enough of their babbling moronic chatter and had to tape it so his friends would believe it. Shut Up, Little Man! became a series of tape recordings of two belligerent alcoholics, Raymond Huffman & Peter J. Haskett . The tapes were recorded by Mitchell D & Eddie Lee Sausage, 2 dudes that lived next door to Raymond and Peter in San Fran's Lower Haight district in the late 80's. The two old men next door argued constantly, with Peter frequently shouting “shut up, little man!” at Raymond. Eddie and Mitchell started recording the antics and often egged Peter and Raymond on with prank telephone calls of their own. Listen here[click to continue...]
Stan hey man how's it going just I M. between the rock in a hard place okay my you so off my shelf and have my laptop and now I can't get on to the internet okay in my daughter was playing with the red Bull and get tumbled down that … and now I can't check my site so I'm wondering if that's got something to do with that you can … your computer hey you comes off the shelf now laptop and I can't get on my site not your problem why that might Evan have a Falls on my laptop she shuts down hey lady has nothing to do with the computer Dad can we check so I know what are you going to getting your computer store let me know if I should still be on line let me check no store off line okay knows like available.
Cita good way too complicated for me … wine folks and then they're intern mother fucker … I do … yelled that Guy and shit sorry I'd love love you got nothing on me right not that Jay you can have my number baby Wayne my Mitch Megan my own them for us.
… Rose got left even groups Goes right that means XXXX last XXXX reid 7 a. r. web groups okay listen talk … you are going to a meeting at very very slowly now and my slowly I mean fucking slow if you guys had ralph it's me sarah going to those hey cindy gave me this evening and know what the fuck hello and watch the fucking XX hey get and to know what … you know if you need make me a getting for not being where the fuck you were supposed to be there is no aderal reset only me there's some shit about 9 marie said when people don't know how to manage that I may … after to sanders again basically start doing damage to it assuming you know how I roll works and you don't over act royal okay no get donny health awhile bruce landon interface soon no big as hard as possible you if want to get it down as fast as possible time out … on phone everytime charles chat I work for a walk or says through and everything I don't you know if not more knock now simon morning p. s. hey like give [click to continue...]
… Kate Justin babe I'm sorry it's Jim info possible stroke Box is what it is Jim info possible through both Jeremy Jim and … so give me a ring going on the Gym and you know june I don't know if I need to Jim is Jennifer I don't know if any talking and I know my quick books and they're asking me what I'll be like possible I'll talk.
(NOYB): Creepy Dude Spoofing and Freaking Out Girl Aski...
Hello hello hello and then XXXX hey dan yo this is karen here … yeah will we love you … hi sarah initially tina sort of a little loan hi no on the look on the only hi nina it's midnight we'd be hey tyler … we I'm a little bumble yo luke okay call we need even over to them so if you at 0 lan I tat well the … love you bye to noon or leave it on all yeah alex hi this is holmes I cleaning why haven't you are great over all move then need talk to you later hey you went down … I know there are no don't or to … it's about 2 Hey hey bring her to … yeah yeah that's funny … okay buddy I hope all of you guys all right now … right I now to you wondering how it was and I was go on Hey hey ray it's almost good lord when Get get a this is maria I wanted hey birthday boy please do you Hey hey I need to now I can't hey hey larry … would be wondering are we going to Hey hey tara neil hey.
Hello was … last I don't know Yet and … I wanna tell you I'm not gonna be at lot and I was just hey Gary it's yeah I return you know … marine Diane if you and I am on I and … Gene emails can't while … you know what I do … man I you we me message … I have to sign that you sent me friday night and … I got good … antenna in and ask hey this is it's I got my … please have currently have when he came to call out love you bye bye calling I felt like you need if you need to hey honey I was just calling … just keep have … if you need and … I'm waiting for your phone actually hey thanks the … because I haven't hello you tonight and … I'm happy Rubin I wanna know which raises move … run you and I hello game to and what kind of a fucking love you a lot hey and I guess I I don't know can you give me a call if you get a chance thanks hey so … this 1 of those I know I got some no I'm sorry to hey hello in the last XX minutes but I need to that you had sent me the [click to continue...]
Now I'm here to help 1 of which ever give if to your double whatever give you decision at my I'm looking for … Lodge please yes this is about to be of assistance to you … bronze hello delayed your lucky day for let me tell you why I'm my name is Anthony or and you are it later today oh no no I'm not but I know that this is a new the medical pages please knoll sorry let me explain … this is first I've got his saving use or do you not do you not have a you know go right to do this is yes I do yes okay I will I'm calling from the dealership today sir and because you just want your brand new Clark just wanna Barrett tickets for free Johnson from us today or … all good and there's no is that the catch or man I don't know so … let me explain what happened is … there is we've been giving away tickets randomly you want a brand new Car from our dealership yes I remember you okay will because you've Drew brand new Car we've been randomly calling individuals to let them know that [click to continue...]
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