Top 10 Most Annoying Voicemails

An Austiralia-based travel and tourism site called eTravelBlackboard published a list describing the “Top Ten Aggravating Messages Left on Voicemail”.

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30 Mar, 2011 Ben Padnos View Comments
“Last Night Never Happened” App

Coverage from BusinessInsider on a hilarious new iPhone app called “Last Night Never Happened”, which aims to “erase” all the stupid things you wrote on Facebook and Twitter the night before when you tied one on.

29 Mar, 2011 Ben Padnos View Comments
Charlie Sheen Interview with Howard Stern

Charlie Sheen called into Howard Stern’s show on SiriusXM Radio on Tuesday, March 1, and spent 45 minutes with “The King of All Media”, regaling Stern with stories about his dispute with CBS, living with his two girlfriends, aka “the goddesses”, and, of course, his #tigerblood.

02 Mar, 2011 Ben Padnos View Comments
Paula Abdul’s Frantic Valentine’s Day 911 Call

Paula Abdul made a frantic 911 call on Valentine’s Day, crying and screaming hysterically after getting into a fight with her boyfriend.

01 Mar, 2011 Ben Padnos View Comments
WI Gov. Scott Walker Victim of Prank Call

Buffalo Beast editor Ian Murphy executed an amazing prank call with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker by posing as David Koch, the co-owner of petrochemical conglomerate Koch Industries and Tea Party supporter.

Murphy, pretending to be Koch, spent the better part of half an hour chatting with Walker on Tuesday, February 22.

23 Feb, 2011 Ben Padnos View Comments
Are Phone Calls Slowly Becoming Obsolete: Voicemail on Facebook

Ever wanted to comment on a Facebook comment, but you weren’t sure that the comment would be taken the right way? This is not an unusual feeling with Facebook or any online communication media. Because it is difficult (even with the help of emoticons) to express the emotion or inflections behind the comment via text, one can often find himself or herself not saying anything rather than risking misinterpretation.

15 Oct, 2010 mindy View Comments
Is Brett Sacked for Attempting to Get Sterger in the Sack?

Did the man that rules the world of the National Football League, who is still playing the game at forty plus, who has two daughters, and who is a grandfather, really responsible for sex videos and sketchy voicemails left for a twenty-something, sexy-dressed, side-line reporter for the New York Jets? Many are claiming that it is the same famous voice that has been heard in several commercials, and on the side lines of four NFL teams, which is essentially begging for a date with the busty brunette.

14 Oct, 2010 mindy View Comments
Joining the Voices of Legends Via Dashboard Mount

Did you know that in this country, the global positioning system (GPS) by TomTom can be programmed to feature a variety of famous voices? That’s right, instead of the standard, far too animated female voice that comes with most GPS devices, TomTom allows you to pick the source of your turn-by-turn directions.

13 Oct, 2010 mindy View Comments
Has Swiper Been Busy or is the Voice of Dora No Longer for Truth

If you have young children, then there is very little chance that you have missed out on the high pitched, bubbly voice of one of America’s top toddler shows. Dora the Explorer first aired ten years ago and has been winning over the youngest audiences ever since. The bilingual little girl is more than happy to teach as she explores the world around her with her very best friend, a silly little monkey who consistently dons bright red boots.

12 Oct, 2010 mindy View Comments
A Voice from Yesterday with a Slightly Different Message to Share

A few days ago, I wrote about growing concern and publicity for hate crimes that revolve around a person’s sexual orientation. It was Ellen Degeneres, a known-to-be-gay Hollywood star that first called attention to the problem with the ability to draw interest to it, but this week it is Ricky Martin, a recently-out-of-the-closet star that is receiving the attention this week.

11 Oct, 2010 mindy View Comments

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