50 Top Inspiring Movie Speeches (41-50)

21 Jun, 2010 Ben Padnos View Comments

41. Star Trek About Death

42. Rudy

43. The Grapes of Wrath

44. Boiler Room

45. It’s a Wonderful Life

46. The American President

47. Inherit The Wind

48. A Time To Kill

49. 25th Hour

50. The Majestic

Click here to see 1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30 | 31-40 | 41-50

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  • Aeleakadnama

    That’s Ray William Johnson.

  • Hundrick

     where the hell is Al Pacino’s speech in the devils advocate Al Pacino’s speech in the devils advocate 

  • trollinator

    Where is Danny’s speech from the end of Brassed Off?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ST52CMG44KT2WBV53NYSRC5GDA blackpearl

    Closing Arguments by Jim Garrison (Kevin Costner) in JFK…cant believe they left it off….

  • Lala

    woooooooooooow!!! so cooooooooooool!!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_F65O4DKQYOZZVNBYYIZBX3B724 Bong

    i have searched in the internet for this one but i am disappointed coz one of my favorite speech is not in the list… so i will just remind you guys if you forgot or havent watched it yet…
     It has fallen to us, to defend Jerusalem, and we have made our preparations as well as they can be made. None of us took this city from Muslims. No Muslim of the great army now coming against us was born when this city was lost. We fight over an offence we did not give, against those who were not alive to be offended. What is Jerusalem? Your holy places lie over the Jewish temple that the Romans pulled down. The Muslim places of worship lie over yours. Which is more holy? 
    The wall?
    The Mosque?
    The Sepulchre? 
    Who has claim? 
    No one has claim.
    All have claim!
    We defend this city, not to protect these stones, but the people living within these walls. ~balian from the movie kingdom of heaven :)  

  • Taylor

    what is this one about?? whut is the tital???

  • Gerold

    Sunn O))) kings of drone? You gotta be fucking kidding me. They’re a one trick pony Earth tribute band who dress in robes and strum 2 notes for 60 minutes. Boris’ first album “Absolutego” shits all over Sunn O)))s entire discography. 

  • Grant

    city of heaven

  • Buy-FAWKes

    It actually is quite ignorant to douche when you are trying to conceive. How can you have a problem with such a true statement when lies are the norm? The only problem is that anyone who cannot figure this out on their own should probably not have children. Tough love is condescending. Life is mean, get over it! :)

  • http://www.spacify.com/dining_tables_modern-174-225.html Modern Dining Tables

    We asked tenor Nick Begbie what we can expect at the show, part of a tour to Laos and Thailand for a … Get the details at (02) 218 4563. The voices of Oz.

  • http://www.casamodern.com/indian-home-decorating.htm Decorating Small Space

    By NICK GALLO | THUNDER BASKETBALL WRITER At Chesapeake Energy Arena, … Voices may be hoarse by the end of each contest, but calling out screens, …

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BXSEDGLLQKQE47IXKFKI53FRZU Dennis

    Today we celebrate our Independence Day?

  • Guest

    No Little Giants One Time speech? Come on now!

  • Awbbie

     Where’s the Battle of the Line speech from Babylon 5?

  • http://djheromusic.com/song/Time-Machine-Original-Mix/8890443 Dj Hero Time Machine

    Now, if you’ve never heard of Jackpot Recording Studios, don’t feel bad. All that means is that you’re not a person who pores over album liner notes to see where the music you’re enjoying was recorded. 

  • D-Jay

    What, no Steve Hoffstetter? 

  • ninjanigger

    ive heard 4 of these bands…

  • Knobcat

    suck suck suck that isn’t even music.These guys are retarded lunatics.They couldn’t pay me enough to give a fuck about it.Get a fuckin life non human assholes.
    Thank you for leting me voice my opinion.

  • Woohoo

    Since Independence Day isn’t on this list at all, I’m discrediting everything.

  • Jackmakesart

    I’ve heard of over half of these bands

  • Ace Tetlow

    That was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this!  

  • Engel

    Who haven’t heard of Mayhem?! Gagas and Biebers maybe.

  • Juelzdipdipset

    this is just amazing how it came to the light when the dawn was a memory gone away. yet when pierre lost his way to the left we question why, yet to the right we find the trail that will lead us to victory!

  • Deaver

    The photo of Dead’s corpse actually appeared on the Dawn of the Black Hearts bootleg, not Mayhem’s next album.

  • Anton Lindstrand

     The whole bone fragment thing about Mayhem is most likely a myth. However you don’t mention how Euronymous is later murdered by fellow band member Varg Vikernes. Oh and the church burnings…

  • GM

    You forgot that the Mayhem story gets MORE bizarre when bassist Varg Vikernes murdered the guitarist. 

  • http://synergytranscriptionservices.com/Voice-Transcription.aspx Voice Transcription

    Softwares are not good enough to produce the accurate transcript.

  • Guest

     how can this list not have “Today we celebrate our Independence Day”?

  • Dac4732

    Any Given Sunday needs to be top 5

  • UncleJohn

    But you can call him RJ.

  • http://richardjhonfoster.xanga.com/ Humphrey Roydon

    I have heard of this before as well. Thanks

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMOIx9iWSY4 Patricia Jones

    Have you tried this guys?

  • Sister Jane

    My #1 is the same movie, but it’s Damon’s speech on why he is refusing to work for the NSA.

  • Amanda

    I’m confused with the comments on here because the story was about messages in bottles not speeches. Anyway, I live in a coastal area we get news stories once in a while about messages in bottles. They are great ways to find connections with people you would never meet normally.

  • Nathan

    That speech is the entire reason I looked up this list, how can it not be included

  • Jonafer

    No no no Black Dynamite does not belong in this list. A satire is not a ‘B’ Movie!!!

  • Graydon

    This list sucks.

  • http://nooooooooooooooo.com/ green49285

    lord of the rings is FAR from deserving to be in the top 10.

  • http://nooooooooooooooo.com/ green49285

    so many oneson here that arent even speeches. simple monolouges

  • http://dbakeca.com Dbakeca Italia

    Lord of the rings is FAR from deserving to be in the top 10.

  • Daniel Dobkin

    All that needs to be said about bad singers can be found in Fats Waller’s song “The Ladies Who Sing With The Band”, which is included in the wonderful show “Ain’t Misbehavin’”.

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